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Move Forward with NICOTROL INHALER

  • Backed by over 20 years of clinical experience

  • Proven as an aid to help users quit smoking by relieving nicotine withdrawal symptoms

  • Only from Pfizer—you have the assurance Pfizer stands behind its manufacturing standards


  • What are the effects of smoking?

    Smoking harms nearly every organ of your body. It causes diseases and worsens your health.

  • Why should I quit smoking?

    Quitting smoking has many benefits. It lowers your risk for diseases and death caused by smoking and improves your health.

  • What should I do once I decide to quit smoking?

    Let your doctor know if you decide to quit smoking. He or she can help you decide if NICOTROL Inhaler is right for you.

    Download a Doctor Discussion Guide here.


Talk to your doctor to see if NICOTROL Inhaler—the only inhaled prescription nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)—may be right for you.

NRT products, such as NICOTROL Inhaler, are one type of smoking cessation product. Designed to wean your body off cigarettes, they supply you with nicotine in controlled amounts while sparing you from other chemicals found in tobacco products.

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NICOTROL INHALER Offers Savings To Patients

Eligible patients may save up to $100 in out-of-pocket costs by using the single-use NICOTROL Inhaler Coupon.*


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