• In two studies, NICOTROL Inhaler was shown to increase the chance of quitting at 6 weeks – NICOTROL Inhaler was more effective than placebo at 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months
  • In one of two studies, NICOTROL Inhaler was shown to significantly reduce the craving for cigarettes throughout the first week and at week six without cigarettes – NICOTROL Inhaler may help reduce the urge to smoke

The NICOTROL Inhaler provides the smoker with adequate amounts of nicotine to reduce the urge to smoke. NICOTROL Inhaler may provide some degree of comfort by providing a hand-to-mouth ritual similar to smoking. However, the importance of such an effect in smoking cessation is, as yet, unknown.

Starting NICOTROL Inhaler

The initial dose of NICOTROL Inhaler is individualized. Your doctor may adjust the number of Inhaler cartridges during the first few weeks. As your body adjusts to not smoking, your doctor will either tell you to stop using the Inhaler or slowly reduce the dose.

How does NICOTROL Inhaler work?

NICOTROL Inhaler is a mouthpiece and a plastic cartridge. The cartridge is inserted into the mouthpiece prior to use. To use NICOTROL Inhaler:

How to use a nicotine replacement therapy prescription treatment
  • Inhale deeply into back of throat or puff in short breaths
  • As you inhale or puff through the mouthpiece, nicotine turns into a vapor and is absorbed into your mouth and throat
  • Use Inhaler longer and more often at first to help control cigarette cravings

If you think the NICOTROL Inhaler may help you quit smoking, talk to your doctor at your next appointment. If you don’t have an appointment scheduled, you may be able to make one to discuss quitting.

Get the conversation with your doctor started

Using NICOTROL Inhaler along with a smoking cessation program.

Success in quitting with a nicotine replacement therapy (such as NICOTROL Inhaler) usually involves behavior change. This can mean joining a comprehensive behavioral smoking cessation program. (This is a support program for people trying to quit.) This program can include support groups, counseling, or specific behavior change techniques.

Most smokers find it hard to break the habits they've built into their lives around smoking. By using smoking cessation programs, smokers may have a much better chance of success. Such programs are offered by hospitals, community centers, work sites, and others.

In 1 of 2 trials. This trial included 222 healthy patients. The number of NICOTROL Inhaler cartridges used was a minimum dose of 4 cartridges/day and a maximum dose of 20 cartridges/day.

A special note about children and pets: The NICOTROL Inhaler can cause serious illness or be fatal in children and pets—even in very small amounts. If a child chews on or swallows new or used NICOTROL Inhaler cartridges, immediately call a doctor or call your regional poison center.