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As you move forward with brand-name NICOTROL Inhaler, the tools and information below can help you take an active role in your treatment plan.

  • Doctor Discussion Guide

    Productive talks with your doctor can help you find your best treatment options.

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NICOTROL INHALER Offers Savings To Patients

Eligible patients may save up to $100 in out-of-pocket costs by using the single-use NICOTROL Inhaler Coupon.*


  • What are the effects of smoking?

    Smoking harms nearly every organ of your body. It causes diseases and worsens your health.

  • Why should I quit smoking?

    Quitting smoking has many benefits. It lowers your risk for diseases and death caused by smoking and improves your health.

  • What should I do once I decide to quit smoking?

    Let your doctor know if you decide to quit smoking. He or she can help you decide if NICOTROL Inhaler is right for you.

    Download a Doctor Discussion Guide here.


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